Our Strategic Context

We are at the beginning of a New Age of economic paradigm change, in essence the 3rd industrial revolution – requiring new infrastructure to manage and move goods and services globally.  This is coming about because of the convergence of the following: –

  • New Communication Technology to connect everything with everybody
  • New Sources of Energy to power new communication and transportation
  • New Transportation Technology to move goods and services around the world

This will change the way we move energy, goods and services around the world.

A list of 69 Critical Metals have been identified by all developed countries as critical to human existence.  These are integral to develop, manufacture and deliver the 3 new age technologies. Simple definition is that Critical Metals are those metals without which we simply cannot build certain things, it is those elements or element groups that we need to maintain our economy and lifestyle.

Aus Streaming carefully selects deals that have a positive outlook relative to this strategic context and ultimately provides vital funding to the miners of critical metals.

AUS Streaming Mining Finance