AUS Streaming is the first Company to introduce specific “securitised streaming contracts”, which will derive revenue from the sale of a portfolio of Critical Metals. AUS Streaming has taken the current streaming finance model, adapted and streamlined it for its own business objectives.

It is generally accepted that a majority of “Critical Metals” – those metals that are deemed critical by the World’s various Governments and industry, comes as by-products from other metal mines. This characteristic, along with AUS Streaming management’s belief in the growth for long-term Critical Metals prices, is the basis for AUS Streaming’s business. This being said not all Critical Metals are derived as by-products, as such the adaptions that AUS Streaming has made to the traditional metal streaming model, means that we have the ability to cover primary Critical Metals, and by product Critical Metals.

Critical Metals “Securitised Streaming Contracts” enable AUS Streaming to purchase, in exchange for an up-front payment, Critical Metal production from a mine. The price that AUS Streaming pays for production per ounce/pound/tonne is generally around the cash cost of production, with a small inflationary adjustment, ensuring that AUS Streaming’s costs are fixed. This allows the company to stabilize operating costs and downside risk, while providing the upside of significant leverage to Critical Metals. Other than the initial up-front loan, no additional capital expenditures or exploration costs are generally required. Yet, AUS Streaming benefits from the production and exploration growth of its operating partners. As the agreements are secured we protect ourselves and our stakeholders from the downside risks that can be associated with mining.

Streaming’s low-risk business model has been very successful in precious metals, and management believe it is especially suited to Critical Metals. The streaming finance business model, was designed specifically to create long-term shareholder value, and has a number of unique aspects. At its core are typically Life of Mine agreements to purchase, at a low fixed cost, a percentage of production.

The company has low fixed operating costs, no ongoing capital expenditures or exploration costs. All of this provides significant leverage to increases in the price of Critical Metals while mitigating the downside risks associated with traditional mining companies. Traditionally, streaming finance and royalty companies, have focused on precious metals, as such due to the volatility typically associated with precious metals pricing, their market capitalizations rise and fall with the movements of precious metals prices. AUS Streaming management believe that by targeting a range of Critical Metals, and developing a portfolio based approach securitised streaming contracts de-risk pricing volatility.



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